August’s Theme

Quite a simple theme this month after quite a tricky one in July.  So simple in fact, I don’t think it’ll really need much explanation.  

I think it suffices to suggest that you provide some individual rings or buzzes and then a variety of multiple patterns too.  It is really important that you let the reverb tails of your bells or buzzers subside completely before triggering the next ring or buzz (unless you’re doing a multiple ring of course) otherwise their usage becomes very limited.   The only other advice I’ll offer is that for your contribution to be as useful as possible, I would ask that you submit recordings of your chosen bell or buzzer from 3 different recording positions (but submitted as one track):

  1. Exterior, from the POV of the bell ringer
  2. Interior, close / direct (i.e. standing quite near or below it in order to get a clean recording of the bell itself)
  3. Interior, a bit more ambient / indirect (perhaps in the next room along from the bell – not too distant but just far enough away to pick some of your house or flat’s acoustics)

Last of all, please don’t forget to put a vocal ident or slate (including your name) on your recordings otherwise I won’t be able to accept it.  And that’s about it  – let’s get collecting ding dongs and bzzzzzzs!



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