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Rain Coming to an End

Just a short notice to remind everyone that the ‘Rain’ theme will close at the end of the month so if you intend to contribute then please make sure you do so over the next few days.  I will be taking the ‘Rain’ set offline so it will no longer be accessible to anyone.  No more contributions will be accepted and no more downloads will be possible.

Also, please all have a think about themes for next month so that you are ready with an idea should you win this month.  It’d be great if we could have a new theme up and running quite promptly at the start of the month so the winner won’t have too much time to deliberate!

I’m sticking to the original plan of having the winner choose December’s theme but for January and from then on I’ve decided that the theme should be decided by a poll, which you’ll find in the right sidebar.  I’ve made a couple of suggestions to start the list off but obviously feel free to add your own ideas in the ‘Other’ box.  Any suggestions that don’t win I will add to the poll list for subsequent months.

I’m changing this so that more people’s ideas can get an airing.  It’s struck me this month that someone could contribute every month but never happen to win and therefore never get the chance to put an idea forward which kind of goes against the idea of getting everyone involved.  Also, I think we may also come up with better ideas as a group rather than just one person, who may not even have any strong preferences, deciding.  We’ll see how it goes anyway….

Lastly, if you haven’t done so already, please don’t forget to vote for your favourite track(s) on Soundcloud next time you visit the Club.