Rain Provisos

November’s Theme

So to get things started, I’ve picked the theme for this month.  Hopefully  it’s something that’s pretty accessible to most people – it certainly is here in the UK at the moment!

Rather than just ‘rain’, I should perhaps say rain on surfaces, i.e. rain on windows, roofs, pavements, etc. – whatever sounds interesting. Rain on surfaces such as corrugated iron or greenhouses can sound great but in some ways I think it’s a bigger achievement to simply get a great recording of the sound of rain on a window which doesn’t just sound like white noise.

The club is primarily meant to be a stimulus for people to go and make new recordings but please feel free to dip into your archives (as long as they’re recordings made by you, of course!) if it’s as dry as a bone where you live at the moment but you’d still like to get a copy of this month’s collection.

I haven’t had a chance to go out recording yet but didn’t want the tank to be empty if and when people started uploading so I’ve just uploaded a token offering for now until I get the chance to make a better quality  contribution over the next week or so.

Let’s see what we can get together!