‘Trains: BGs’ Theme Deadline Extended to End of October

Well, I did say I wasn’t going to extend deadlines anymore but this is a bit different.

Ever since collections started staying online and remaining active, new themes have been accumulating tracks more slowly.  With hindsight, this outcome is perhaps obvious – members’ new contributions are getting spread amongst an ever increasing number of themes.  Also, new themes inevitably inspire less urgency to participate before the end of the month when people know that they can join in and grab the collections at a later date when they specifically need them or when they simply have more spare time.

That’s all fine but I think a change is in order to address this ‘imbalance’.  If old themes are still attracting significant interest then perhaps a more steady influx of new themes is necessary.  I’m proposing making themes bimonthly for the time being.

I must admit that, when I’m busy, I do find that the month’s fly by and before I know it (and before I’ve barely had a chance to add a recording) it’s time to come up with a new theme again.  With an extra month for each current theme, I’m hoping it’ll give me more of a chance to explore each subject; posting about my own and other members’ recordings, as well as hopefully making club meetups a more regular occurence (one for every new theme) as well.

Generally, I’m quite a strong believer in the idea of not trying to please everyone otherwise you end up pleasing nobody.  However, on this occasion in particular, I’d be really interested to hear members’ thoughts on this matter so please feel free to leave any comments below.


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