Additional Note on ‘Car Passes’

One thing I’d like to add regarding submissions to this month’s theme is please don’t break down your recordings into lots of separate car passes unless the vehicle is a particularly distinctive or unusual model that justifies being kept separately in a recording of it’s own.  If every car pass gets its own dedicated track we’ll have loads of tracks relative to actually not that much material.

What’s more, when it comes to editing traffic scenes, it is actually more useful to have a series of passes (which share similar characteristics such as speed and acoustics) all in one track rather than having to audition lots of different tracks containing only one pass which may not match up as consistently.

Also, don’t forget that vocal idents are now compulsory.  I’m being flexible about what the ident consists of but ideally you should say at least your name and the theme (a quick description of what your recording is always a bonus).  I tend to do this anyway on my recordings in order to remember the details just in case I don’t get round to editing and cataloguing them straightway.



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