Club Changes Coming in April

If all things go according to plan over the next couple of weeks, The Sound Collectors’ Club is going to change slightly, starting from April 1st.

Full details will be revealed between now and then here on the website but I just wanted to let you know now the basics of what will be happening next month.

In a nutshell, from now on, all sets will stay online and will remain open to new contributions so that they can continue to grow indefinitely.  We will still choose a new theme each month to focus on and, now that there is no deadline as such, there will be no more need for themes to be carried over into the following month to cater for latecomers.

The downside of this is that obviously the extra storage space required on Soundcloud costs more money, so I’ve decided to introduce a very low annual membership fee, in the hope of recovering at least some of my expenses.

The good news for some is that people who have regularly contributed since I started the club will continue to enjoy the club for free for the coming year.  Users who’ve contributed just the once only have to pay £10.  New users who haven’t contributed to the club before will pay the full annual membership fee of £20.

Obviously people aren’t going to pay for something unless they can see what they’ll get for their money so I have also started to create ‘browser sets’ which the general public are able to access from the club website (see “BROWSE THE COLLECTION” in the top right hand corner).  Essentially these sets mirror the main collections but they’ll only contain 10 second (or perhaps less when relating to spot FX) MP3’s rather than the full tracks.

In order to start things off with a set of recordings already in the bank, I’ve made our ‘Wind’ collection, which has been active for the past couple of months, the first set that I leave online and create a browser set for, so you will still be able to contribute to, and therefore access, this set in future months.  However, in order to do so, I’m afraid I need you to pay your appropriate annual membership fee as outlined above (a payment button will appear in the sidebar of the website towards the end of the month).

One important new condition going forward is that vocal idents are now mandatory on all uploaded recordings so do please remember to do this otherwise I won’t be able to accept your future contributions.

I hope you’ll agree with me that, for the sake of a very small fee (which will, on current form, see you getting access to many tens of gigs of FX over the coming year) these changes will be massively for the better.  I hope to hear your recordings in the club soon.





P.S.  Another change I hope to introduce is making the site less wordy!  Where suitable, I’m hoping to start using videos more as I think I do chuck a lot of info at you times which might be a bit of a drag to take in solely in written form.  Let me know what you think.



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