The Knowledge

Welcome to ‘The Knowledge’ – The Sound Collectors’ Club directory where members can add any tips and general info they care to share relating to field recording and sound fx acquisition.

The idea of the directory is not to just create a wiki for all things sound-related.  It’s intended purpose is to aid us all in tracking down specific sound fx and atmos recordings.

We can achieve this by using Evernote to accumulate our collective knowledge of, e.g., locations, organizations, speciality forums and contacts and leads as well as info regarding particular recordings of our own that we’ve made that we’d be happy to trade or sell.

For example, I might add the details of a proving ground in the UK, that is a great location for recording vehicles, as one note.  Another note I could add would be a note relating to recent Scottish loch recordings I made.  I also might add a note about a new sound library or samplepack giveaway I hear about, a contact I know who owns old military vehicles….you get the idea.

If we all add bits of info such as this and tag the notes efficiently then bit by bit I feel we will end up with a really useful resource for sound collecting.

Also, one of the big pluses of using Evernote is it’s geo-locating functions.  Consequently, if you’re out and about and make a find – say, a cathedral with amazing acoustics, for example – then you can simply take a snapshot on your Evernote phone app, title and tag it and save it to The Knowledge notebook with location info automatically loaded.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions / if anything is unclear.

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