LinkedIn Discussion Group

Lots of members were asking if there was a better way of reaching out to each other than via Twitter or searching for contact details in The Knowledge (as an aside, The Knowledge was never intended as a platform for discussion or anything that requires an answer.  It is simply the Club’s wiki).  I wasn’t keen on building a brand new forum for this purpose; firstly, it would create yet more admin work on my part and, secondly, it creates yet another platform for people to need to be bothered to check in on.  Most of us would like less platforms to have to stay up to date with, not more!

Then I realised that the best bet would be to, as is The Sound Collectors’ Club way, piggyback an already existing and successful system!  So, in the same way that we use the Google Drive framework to organise our sound collecting, so the existing LinkedIn groups setup now caters for all our discussion needs!  The added bonus is that I’m sure quite a lot of us already use LinkedIn, so hopefully this won’t involve signing up to yet another new social media platform, as is often the case.

So far, the group has been used for a variety of purposes ranging from technical questions and sound fx requests to members offering discounts on their own independent library releases to other Club members.  Give it a try next time you have a question you’d like to ask the group.

linkedin snap

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